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Stylish Cover Ups from Maaji and Other Brands

When you think of bathing suit cover ups, there is a good chance that he first thing that comes to your mind is the white mesh wrap that everybody and their mother seams to have. This standard beach cover up might do the trick of covering you up, but it isn’t particularly flattering. Another common bathing suit cover up is the sarong skirt, and though this style might be much prettier and more flattering, it only covers half of your body up, so it doesn’t really serve its intended purpose. If you are tired of boring and impractical bathing suit cover ups, you are in luck: this season is brimming with fantastic beach wraps, tunics and dresses from exciting brands like Maaji.

Many brands, such as Maaji, are going all out with colors this season. Beautiful, rich hues and bold patterns are all the rage. Fortunately, Maaji, as well as many other swimwear brands, have not limited this trend to just their bathing suits. Bathing suit cover ups are getting an exciting makeover as well. No more plan white mesh! Look out for exciting florals, exotic batiks, and even funky mixed prints – pieces with polka dots, stripes, geometric shapes, and other patterns all mixed together on the same cover up.

Brands like Maaji aren’t just making the colors more fun and charming on bathing suit cover ups; they are also experimenting with shapes and silhouettes as well. A huge trend that we are seeing this year (and one that is poised for many more years to come) is the beach dress. Maxi dresses have been rising in popularity over the past few years, with women loving their cool, breezy comfort, and romantic, bohemian silhouette with yards of fluttering, billowing fabric. A maxi dress is a great summer wardrobe choice for running errands, going for a walk, or enjoying drinks on the patio, and fortunately now they are being translated for beach use. Maxi dress cover ups are generally lighter weight and can sometimes run a little sheer, so you should be cautious before you try to wear one on its own as just a dress. However, over top of a bathing suit your maxi dress cover up will be perfect. It will cover your skin to protect you from the sun, but in a lightweight cotton or linen will not feel to warm to wear. It will also give you a chic, bohemian look that’s always fun for the beach. Top it off with a straw floppy hat and oversize sunglasses to complete the look.

There are many opportunities to express your fashion sense on the beach, and thanks to brands like Maaji, you can keep showing off your sense of style, even in a cover up. After all, a cover up should only be covering your body, not your personality! This year, try investing in a romantic maxi dress cover up, a boho chic linen tunic, or a cover up in a bold mix of prints. You’ll love it so much you won’t want to take it off to hit the water!

This article was written by Ramona Korpan, on behalf of Azura Swimwear, A great source for designer swimwear collection, including Maaji swimwear and charming swimwear cover-ups. For more information on swimwear, visit WiseGeek.

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