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Hire Magento Developer to Help Business Grow

Online business has become immensely important in today’s business scenario. There have emerged plenty of ecommerce solutions and frameworks for supporting these online stores. The ecommerce solutions are known to enhance the feel and look of a website along with high functionality and robust structure. Magento ecommerce solution has emerged to be one of the most reliable open source platforms for its incredible customizable features, efficiency, scalability, flexibility etc. A Magento developer makes an ecommerce store attractive for the sellers as well as the buyers. Here we shall discuss some of the features that make Magento an interesting option:

•    Low Cost Open Source: The running cost and setting-up cost is very low with Magento. You just need to spend a minimum amount for initial domain registration, theme development, hosting, and extension costs and get higher returns compared to the set-up expenses. Magento developers can easily download, modify and copy Magento, as it is freely available online. Magento community continues to develop new features as it being open source software. The Magento community uses the same OSL3.0 license for Magento. Your business cost remains down, while you enjoy high level quality.

•    Enhanced Customer Interaction: Magento offers enhanced customer service and customer interaction facilities. Features like currency conversion, different language options, customised form, account creation offers great customer satisfaction.

•    User Friendly: Features like different payment methods, shipments, orders, product reviews, product images, catalogues make Magento ecommerce solution user friendly.

•    SEO Friendly: Magento is SEO friendly which helps to optimise a website easily. Google Analytics can be incorporated for web traffic analysis and also to track customer behaviour in the site. The reporting part offers admin the dashboard to view reports.

•    Promotional and Marketing Tools: Magento offers some exciting promotional and marketing tools like Cross Sell, Up Sell that increases order values. The flexible pricing options along with this generate great leads in sales and marketing.

•    Add-ons and Themes: There are plenty of Magento themes available for web development. Functional add-ons and web layouts can be installed without any trouble as Magento is not as complex as other ecommerce solutions.

Today, over 100,000 merchants use Magento ecommerce solution. It is used by small, medium as well as the large stores and is being upgraded constantly, offering features and tools to make the websites noticeable in this competitive online market.

You can hire a Magento developer for the following solutions:

•    Extension development

•    Payment gateway integration

•    Store management training and Magento backend

•    Custom designed page

•    Theme development/Magento template

•    Module installation

•    Module development

•    Template customization/Magento themes

Magento development ensures increased control as you can manage everything from merchandising to promotions and marketing, increased return on investment that creates business modules to offer low cost products and finally increased growth as it offers plenty of options to generate more revenue.

So, if you feel you need to take your business to the next higher level, get in touch with a good Magento developer and stay ahead of your competitors.

This article was written by Winter Truss, on behalf of One Creations Limited, offering the most reliable and affordable web development solution. For more information on Magento ecommerce solution, you may also visit Wikipedia.

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