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How to Pick a Fitness Video

fitness videos are great. They let you exercise right in the comforts of your home. You can get as sweaty and scruffy as you want and there is nobody around to watch it.

There are hundreds of fitness videos out there. Each of them caters to a different kind of audience. It could be a Pilates video, a yoga video, aerobics or a complicated cardio routine- the choice is endless. The trick is to pick the right fitness video for you.

If you are new to the world of exercise and fitness, try picking a beginner’s video. Either you can buy a DVD or you can find a good beginner’s video series on YouTube. There are plenty of options to be explored. The duration of the workout is something you need to keep in mind. Some people get bored quite quickly and some just cannot carry a routine for more than five minutes. If you are one of those, look for DVDs and videos with short workouts. Plenty of two to three minute workouts are available on YouTube.

Next, think about what kind of instructor you want. If you are really serious about your exercising, then find a video instructor, who will suit your needs. There are the gentle instructors, the soothing yoga instructors and then there are the strict ‘Major Payne’ ones who will order you around. Depends on what makes you want to work out.

After you have picked out your fitness video, watch the video completely and decide whether you can do it. Nobody does things perfectly the first time they try it. It is okay if you stumble a little. However, be sure that the fitness routine does not lead you to injure yourself.

Have you ever sat down to study during high school or college and then found yourself cleaning your room or re-arranging your books instead? Well, the same can happen here too. Pick a place where you can watch the fitness video and practice without getting distracted. Also, ensure that you have plenty of space to move around. You don’t want to knock your priced flower-vase or your stereo set in your pursuit of fitness, do you?

Here is a short list of DVDs and YouTube channels you can check out:

a.    Pop Pilates: A YouTube channel, run by Cassey Ho of Blogilates, it offers short workouts that you can do right at home.

b.    Patrick Godeau’s Step Up: This video will keep you going for a long time, thanks to Patrick’s infectious energy. It was also voted the ‘Best Fat Burner Video’ of 2007 by Fitness Magazine.

c.    Fitness for Dummies Series: As the name suggests, the video is for beginner and the dumb.

d.    Scott Herman Fitness: This poplar channel on YouTube is great for those looking to work on their abs.

e.    Dance off the Inches: This is a great fitness video for those who would like to add dance to their workout routines. The 10-minute sessions will leave you sweaty, exhilarated and skim off those inches in a few weeks.

This article was written by Julius Hackmeyer, on behalf of LiveFitter, a leading source of fitness videos, workouts and nutritional information. For more information on top fitness video channels, visit Mashable.

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