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An RSA QLD Course Can Help Prevent Drunk Driving

Most people know not to drink and drive. It's a lesson that's drilled into just about everyone's head from the time they are old enough to learn—usually well before they are old enough to drink! The problem with drunk driving is that alcohol can impair a person's judgment, so that even when they know better than to do something as risky as driving while drunk, they made decide to do it anyway. The fact that many people drink while they are away from home, out with friends at a restaurant, can contribute to this problem. Everyone is responsible for their own decisions, but a restaurant server who has taken a RSA QLD course can help people make the right choice when it comes to getting home after having too much to drink at a restaurant.

A Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate, which a server can get by taking an RSA QLD course, is given to restaurant workers who have taken a course that provides them with the tools and resources necessary to provide quality service to restaurant customers who have ordered alcoholic drinks. The course teaches servers and other employees how to monitor the alcohol intake of their customers and how to react when they feel that a customer is becoming too intoxicated and needs to be cut off. Cutting off a patron can save their life if they are planning to drive home after their meal.

Most customers are responsible enough to pace themselves, or to have a plan to get home if they drink too much to drive. Friends out for dinner often have a designated driver, or will take responsibility for the members of their table who have had too much to drink. This is an ideal situation for a server, as it allows them to do their job without being afraid for anyone's safety. But when customers are misjudging themselves or their friends, it's safer for everyone if their server has taken an RSA QLD course and knows how to handle the situation.

A customer becoming too drunk to drive doesn't always happen quickly. Sometimes a customer will order drink after drink and be obviously incapable of driving. These people tend to be fairly safe, as their dinner companions will most likely be concerned for them and will help them arrange alternate transportation. Unfortunately, it isn't always that obvious. Some patrons have a very high alcohol tolerance and may appear sober long after they should be hanging up their car keys. Servers with RSA QLD certification will be able to read the signs that a customer is reaching the point of no return, and help them make a responsible driving choice.

Driving safety is ultimately a matter of personal responsibility. People need to care for themselves and know their own limits. Most people have no problems with this. However, when alcohol is making decision-making riskier than it needs to be, just about everyone can benefit from a bit of friendly help from a server with RSA QLD qualifications. An RSA course is about more than just good customer service—with care and observation, it can save lives.

This article was written by Sherice Hendren, on behalf of RSA Certificate Now, helping you complete this course online in less than 4 hours and print off your certificate. To understand the difference between learning and e-learning, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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