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Granite is the Best Stone for Countertops in Memphis

There are numerous types of stone that can be used to build kitchen countertops, such as onyx, marble, limestone, onyx and granite. However, granite countertops Memphis is the best kind of stone to use within the kitchen because it is versatile, durable and comes in a wide range of colors.

Granite countertops are extremely popular because granite is one of the hardest stones that can be found anywhere in the world, and diamonds are used to cut it.   Countertops made from granite in Memphis are very chip, stain and scratch resistant, and they usually outlast every other thing else in a kitchen. Not only is granite used to build countertops in Memphis, it is also used to tile an entire kitchen floor, the sink along with other areas of the kitchen.

The enormous slabs of rock that is used for granite countertops in Memphis and other areas of the United States are available in a wide range of colors, and the colors are the natural colors of the actual stone. The best reason to use granite countertops is that it is elegant, beautiful and practical. However, it’s extremely important that a granite countertop be installed correctly, because the granite slabs are incredibly heavy and if they are not installed properly they can cause damage, and the installer could get injured in the process as well.

For anyone planning to install granite countertops in Memphis they must always make sure that the existing countertop is strong enough to carry the enormous weight of the granite stone. If it isn’t strong enough to support the granite, it is possible to strengthen the counter first, or install a newer counter that will be capable of holding up the heavy granite slab.

As well, it is important to ensure that a counter rests on each leg securely. Sometimes kitchen counters wobble because they are uneven, or the floor isn’t level. It a counter does wobble, it should be fixed prior to the installation of the Memphis countertop, or it and the floor could get damaged during installation. For this reason, when it comes to installing countertops in Memphis, it is always advisable to contact a Memphis granite countertop installer to do the installation, because they are qualified experts. As well, it is possible to get an appraisal of the cost of the countertop, so this is a good way to shop around and find a good price. The general practice is that the granite countertop will come complete with a counter; but sometimes it is necessary to buy a counter so the granite slab can be installed on it.

Memphis countertops are easy to do, and are just as easy to remove or transport, if necessary. The best part of having granite countertops installed in a kitchen is that they are movable if the family moves and wants to take it with them. They are also rugged, durable, and last for years and years if they are taken care of properly. Granite countertops may seem pricy; however, it is well worth it to have a beautiful kitchen.

This article was written by Ramiro Sheely, on behalf of Pacific Shore Stones, a leading retailer of Memphis style countertops, and assorted stones. For more information on countertops, visit Wikipedia.

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