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Adoption in California for Gay and Lesbian Couples

If you are part of a same-sex couple, and are hoping to raise children with your partner you may be considering adoption. Adoption in California is very inclusive and prospective parents are not discriminated against based on race, religion, sexual orientation or marital status, and most birth mothers are open to exploring all options of family to place their children. Although the laws around the adoption process vary all across the United States, California laws in this regard are well established and adoption in California is easy for gay and lesbian prospective parents. Even though the laws may vary, if either the prospective adoptive parents or the birth mother are from California, the adoption can go ahead. If they are not Californian, the adoption process can likely still go ahead, and the law says the adoption must be legal in all states, if it is legal in the state where it was finalized. California applies the laws equally to all heterosexual and same-sex couples as well as to single people of any sexual orientation.

In states that prohibit same-sex couples adopting, there is a loophole. Most states allow single parent adoptions to all individuals, so that one partner can adopt the child and the other parent may adopt as a step-parent. Both parents are granted equal rights over the child. Adoption in California is becoming easier for gay and lesbian couples.

Statistics gathered show that there are two million gay and lesbian couples interested in adopting, and it is estimated that over a million couples already have, across the United States. Four percent of all adopted children are being raised by GLB couples. Same-sex adoption in California is the highest in all the states, with 16,000 children living with gay or lesbian parents. As the numbers grow, so does the research and data that shows that being raised in same-sex households has no detrimental effects on the children. Gay and lesbian adoption in California and throughout the country is becoming more and more acceptable and because of this reason, and also because of the increasing amount of babies needing adoption in the United States, there is no reason for you to assume that sexual orientation will have an effect on your acceptance as prospective adopting parent. There is no reason to be anything but truthful with the adoption agency. It is not acceptable to lie as this constitutes fraud and will in fact, hurt your chances to adopt.

If you are considering adoption in California for your same-sex family, the first step is to learn about the law in greater detail. The next step is to find an adoption agency that is friendly towards gay and lesbian couples. You will have a better experience when the agency you choose is friendly and concerned about your needs. Work with the adoption agency to discuss the choice you are making and decide whether adoption is the right choice for you. If so, your adoption agency will work with you to match you with a baby that will become your child.

This article was written by Nichol Accardi, on behalf of AdoptHelp, assisting the adoptive families and he birth parents as well. To know about independent child adoption, you may visit wikihow.

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