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Choosing Between Substance Treatment Centers

The decision to enroll in a drug or alcohol rehab program is an emotional and often difficult one. Addiction isn't a healthy way of life, but it is composed of behaviors and habits that run so deep that the thought of changing them can be deeply scary, even if that change is something you want more than anything else in the world. The fear of failure looms large, and the sense that your life isn't your own anymore can make it hard to take that first step toward treatment and recovery. Fortunately, no matter how out-of-control the situation feels, it's not a step that you need to make blind. There are many substance treatment centers out there, and it's in your best interests to look them all over and find the best one for you.

There are a few things you should look for when making the rounds of substance treatment centers, but perhaps the most important factor in your success will be finding a rehab center that is willing to work with you as an individual. No two people are the same, and no two addictions are the same either. You want to look for a program where your medical and personal history will be taken into consideration, where your individual needs will be factored into your treatment and where every step of your journey will be overseen by people who see you as a person, not as a case number. Addiction is a problem with roots in your entire life. Make sure you find a program willing to get to know you well enough to pull up all those roots!

Next, you need to understand that while substance treatment centers exist to work toward a positive outcome, the recovery process isn't always going to feel like a positive experience. Find a treatment plan that will hold you accountable for your success and your sobriety, no matter how hard it gets and no matter how much you might want to quit. You want to look for a place where you will be cared for, but not for a place where you will be coddled. Addiction has consequences and any program that tries to deny that is probably not going to offer you an effective solution. Be willing to accept the entire package offered by your program... tough love included.

Finally, find a program that offers support not just for you but for everyone involved in your recovery. Many substance treatment centers have programs to help the people closest to those suffering from substance abuse addiction. They can help your friends and family provide meaningful help to you, and they can help and support them at this time when you aren't able to support them yourself. No man or woman is an island. Make sure that your recovery program understands that.

The freedom to choose between substance treatment centers may not feel like much when addiction is making your whole life feel like a prison, but it's a freedom that allows you to make what could be the most vital decision in your life right now. Choose wisely, and get started on the road to freedom from addiction.

This article was written by Sibyl Travillian, on behalf of Treatment Is Not Recovery, helping addicts attain sobriety. For information on substance abuse prevention, you may also visit Wikipedia.

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