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Cheap International Calls: SIM, VoIP and Roaming

Technology has always been a source of fascination for all and is ever evolving. One of the most revolutionary advances to technology is the invention of the telephone. The telephone enabled people to make calls across the country and later, across the world. Further, with the advent of the sim card over the last decade, one has been able to make cheap international calls to friends and relatives living in far-flung places.

The two main ways to make cheap international calls are VOIP and international sim cards.

Cheap International Calls with VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol uses internet lines to make telephone calls. All you need with this method is a PC, a VoIP provider, like Skype or Google Talk and a cell phone. Getting phone service through the internet has made life much easier for plenty of people as this facilitates in making cheap international calls to urban parts of the world.

However, not all places have internet lines. In some countries, the Internet is still a thing of the distant future. Further, several countries like the UAE and Oman, have banned VoIP. It is illegal to provide VoIP services and doing so is likely to land that person in jail.

Cheap International Calls with SIM Cards

SIM Cards are other way of making international calls. Today, there are so many SIM card providers with various plans that the choice is endless. Using a SIM card is quite easy. You only have to make sure that it is a SIM card for making cheap international cards and that your cell phone is GSM and unlocked. If you don’t know, then consult your service provider.

International SIM Card v/s Roaming Service

It is always better to make sure that your phone is GSM unlocked before embarking on a journey abroad. Locked GSM phones basically operate on the service provider that you use back home. To make a phone call to a city that is a few miles away from your current location, the call- under roaming- gets routed to the U.S and then re-routed to the city of your phone call. The result? A horribly expensive phone call.

International SIM cards, on the other hand, route your phone calls directly to the city that you are telephoning. The result- cheap international calls.

This is why there is a company in every corner offering cheap international calling cards. Many of them are country specific, meaning that you only need to call people in one country from another particular country, then you can opt for a SIM card that enables you to do just that.

All you have to do is make sure that the cheap international calls SIM card that you buy has the right plan for you.

This article was written by Cyrus Sayavong, on behalf of Hello Mobile, a leading provider of international calls SIM cards. For more information on Sim cards, visit Wikipedia.

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